A friend introduced me to the Art of Jewelry making in 1991, the same year I moved to the USA from Germany where I was born and raised. 

Over the Years, I continued to educate myself in metal smith techniques via books, Internet  and plenty of  lessons from Dr.Trial and Prof. Error. I also attended classes at "Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts" in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and lessons taught by a master goldsmith in Pforzheim, Germany.

There is a lot of jewelry out there, after a while, it all started to look alike! My goal became to create something unique and beautiful, but also elegant and wearable.

My work is the result of my fascination for modern clean but flowing natural shapes and lines, and the drive to create something that "stands out", but doesn't take over! 

I am a one person show, hand making every single piece! Craftsmanship and quality are very important to me! 

Chances are, if you're reading this we have met somewhere! And if not, maybe we will one day! Thank you for supporting me by collecting my work!

I appreciate You very much!